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Cyber Incident Response Services

Compromise Assessment

Identify ongoing or past threat actor activity in your environment.

The continuous digital asset sprawl in business environments can be difficult to properly monitor and analyse and an active threat actor may be operating within your environment for months. Knowing whether your organization has been breached and identifying ways to improve your cyber resilience is crucial for survival in cyberspace.

Nebotain’s compromise assessment service carries out a proactive examination and investigation within your computing environment to detect and analyse past or active threat actor activity.

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Take a proactive approach by detecting and
responding to a breach!



Identify an active threat actor in your environment or past indicators of compromise.



Reduce the impact of a breach by quickly triggering Emergency Incident Response.

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Emergency Cyber Incident Response

Contain and eradicate an active threat actor in your environment.

Most technology practitioners are not trained or equipped to respond to Cyber security incidents and may be overwhelmed. Cyber Security Incident Response requires a systematic approach and careful understanding of the threat, its capability and intent. Inappropriately handling an active Cyber threat in your environment may inflict further impact to products and services, eliminate or dispose of crucial artifacts required to identify the full extent of the damage , or fail to identify security exposures which if left unattended will allow the threat actor to resume its activities within the environment. You need a systematic and experienced responder to guide you in times of crisis.

Nebotain’s emergency incident response service is triggered once an incident is declared by the organization. Nebotain will take control of the situation and help your return to business as usual.

Contain the impact and return to BAU!



Contain and remove the threat actor.

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Resume BAU and Harden your posture.

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