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Your trusted Cyber Security Reservists!

We remove FUD (fear, uncertainty and Doubt) from Cyber Security and quantify your risk into financial terms, allowing you to drive your business securely while we have your back at all times!

Nebotain’s advantage

Nebotain has over 3 decades of battle tested Offensive and Defensive Cyber security experience in global and technologically diversified organizations.

We have a deep understanding of Threat Actor Tactics, Techniques and Procedures, cost effective defensive countermeasures, and vigilant operational incident response practices and capabilities.

Having operated within military, law enforcement or government classified environments we hold relevant government and private sector security certifications.

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Our Services

Consulting and Advisory

Develop a common language for Cyber Risk and manage your risk portfolio in a cost efficient manner.

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Cyber Risk Analysis

Evaluate the potential financial impact of cyber threats targeting your business.

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Cyber Incident

Detect and contain threat actors operating in your environment and return to business as usual.

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Success Stories

Group 14-1

"Nebotain’s founder is an experienced CISO who clearly understands what's top of mind for large security organizations. It's apparent he is passionate about Cyber Security and building security programs with clear ROI in mind. We are proud to partner with Nebotain".

Group 17

“Working with Nebotain has provided us with both insightful market intelligence and practical industry knowledge. Collaborating with Nebotain has been a very valuable experience."

Group 46-1

“The insight we are gaining from our relationship with Nebotain has enhanced our GTM strategy and product roadmap as we feel we are in the CISO’s driver seat”.

Our Certifications


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